Inline non-destructive material testing

The 3R TQC systems are designed for the non-destructive determination of material properties of semi-finished or finished parts in or outside the production line. The material parameters are determined quantitatively.


The accuracy is on the same level as with conventional test methods. For YS and TS an accuracy of 1-2% is typical.


The measuring time is approximately 0.25s. The measurement is possible at a stroke rate of 80 strokes/min or at the belt speed of 180m/min.

Non-destructive measuring method

This is a non-destructive measuring method that works on the eddy current principle, which enables 100% testing.

Steel + Al / Cu measurement possible

This method is applicable for magnetic and/or conductive materials. It is suitable for steel as well as aluminium and copper alloys.


This method is characterised by a very high sensitivity, which makes it possible to detect even small batch differences.


The measured values are reliable and reproducible. The measurement can be repeated, which makes the measurement data even more reliable.

Fully automatic solution

Depending on the customer’s requirements, a semi-automatic or fully automatic solution, synchronised with the line, is possible. A laboratory version is also available.

Simple and user-friendly manipulation

If something needs to be adjusted despite the fully automatic version, it is very easy and user-friendly.

Types of the 3R TQC measuring system

The individual types are adapted to the applications. They are primarily designed for sheet metal strips, but the tested parts can have any shape. Only the correct measuring coil has to be used.

Type ST_ML_B_2

The ST_ML_B_2 was developed for a fast process in the cutting line. The maximum stroke rate is 80 strokes/min. The measuring time has been reduced to 0.25s. This was achieved by a double measuring head.

Type ST_ML_B_1

The ST_ML_B_1 is suitable for a slower discontinuous process in the press or in the press line. It is measured when the belt is stationary. The typical speed is 20 strokes/min.

Type ST_ML_C_1

The ST_ML_C_1 was built to perform measurements on a moving belt. The movement mechanism was designed for a maximum belt speed of 180m/min. Higher speeds are available on request.

Type LB_V

This is a laboratory version that is not integrated into the line, but can still be located in the production hall and serve several lines. Samples from different lines can be checked at this point.

Type ST_ML_C_3

Compared to the ST_ML_C_1, the ST_ML_C_3 has three measuring heads, thus achieving three times the density of the recorded values at the same belt speed. The individual measuring heads move with the belt during the measuring process.