Inline Lubrication Layer Thickness Sensor

The 3R LLT system is an inline measuring system that works on the principle of infrared spectroscopy and is used to detect the amount of lubricant on the sheet metal surface. The amount of lubricant is detected very quickly and very precisely.


With the 3R LLT system, the best accuracy was achieved through the highest sensitivity and lower noise.

Area coverage

The highest area coverage was achieved by the highest measurement frequency and the highest traversing speed.


The 3R LLT system has many possibilities to save the collected data and to forward it for further processing and use.

Types of the 3R LLT measuring system

Two types are offered for the 3R LLT system depending on whether measurements are taken from one or both sides of the sheet metal strip. A referencing unit is supplied as standard.

Type Double

This type is supplied with two independent measuring heads including linear drive. One measuring head measures the amount of lubricant from the upper side of the sheet metal and the second measuring head measures from the lower side.

Type Single

Compared to the previous type, this variant has only one measuring head including the linear drive, which is usually applied from the upper side of the belt, which is completely sufficient for many applications.