Inline measurement of sheet thickness

The 3R STM system is an inline sheet metal thickness measuring system developed for the harsh industrial conditions in the blanking line. The used sensors are specially optimised for measurement on the sheet surface.


Typical accuracy under real industrial conditions is 3μm, but may vary in relation to the differences of the surroundings.

Temperature compensation

In order to reduce the temperature influences on the measuring system, a temperature compensation was integrated into the measuring software.


The 3R STM system is characterised by high data and design robustness, resulting in more accurate and stable measurement data.

Automatic referencing

The 3R STM system has a referencing unit. This increases the accuracy and reliability of the measurement data and saves time.


In the 3R STM system, there are many possibilities to save the collected data and to forward it for further processing and use.

Types of the 3R STM measuring system

It is a basic model that can be extended depending on the type of measurement and measurement lines. Two types of the 3R STM system are available as standard, with one or two measurement lines or measurement curves.

Type 1LM

This type has a pair of sensors to detect the sheet thickness and a linear drive to move in the measuring position, parking position, reference position or to move in different measuring curves.

Type 2LM

Compared to the previous type, this variant has two pairs of sensors and two linear drives. It is two 1LM types in one. Usually each is mounted from one side of the belt.